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Dear Histonetters,
I usually try to refrain from entering the flame wars that periodically
erupt on this mail list, but I can't contain myself this time. I think it is
very interesting that there has been a lengthy thread about the merits and
problems of existing embedding centers with several messages implying that
manufacturers are not providing equipment designed for the user and/or are
providing equipment of poor quality. Then along comes Alan Bright, a well
respected and honorable manufacturer, seeking your input to correct existing
problems. Suddenly the net goes deathly quiet on the subject. I guess it is
easier to criticize existing equipment than to be creative enough to know
what you want in new equipment. Alan then responds with a straight forward,
non-offensive message again asking for your help and again indicating that
he simply wants to design a good embedding center that will meet your needs.
The result is a couple of messages addressing the subject and a series of
flames. While we have ample reasons to complain about vendors, this was not
one of those times! Alan could have simply designed an embedding center to
the specifications that he would like and with his many years of experience
in the field I'm sure it would be as good an instrument as others on the
market and probably better than some. Instead however he tried to get your
input to better serve you. As to comments about making a profit, of course
he hopes to make a profit, why else would he be in business? Let's face it
folks most of healthcare today is for profit so if that's a dirty thing most
of us are in the same mud. Bottom line, if you didn't want to respond to
Alan's request you certainly didn't have to and his second message simply
pointed out that there was great criticism of existing equipment and here
was your chance to help overcome problems in new equipment and you weren't
taking advantage of the opportunity. I hope in the future we won't be so
critical of people who try to help make our jobs easier and better. End of
sermon and I apologize for the length of this message. Disclaimer: I have no
association with Alan Bright or his company except for having used some of
his equipment over the years.

John Tarpley 15-2-B
Specialist Image Analysis & Immunohistochemistry
Amgen Inc.
One Amgen Center Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA  91320

Views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer

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