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Sandy, and all
  I think most of us use a variation of your "goldilocks" method.  It works!

Judging from the response , I guess it's best to "CYA" with this one
(whatever way that may be)

Thanks to all who replied


> Jerry,
>         C.A.P. only asks if water baths "are clean and well maintained",
> or words to that effect...
> In the last two labs I have worked in I have pointed that out and temp
> records of water baths  have been discontinued.  I do have a statement at
> the bottom of my temperature and equipment maintenance record sheet that
> says water baths and microtomes are cleaned daily by the individual tech
> using them and according to manufacturer recomendations....
>         I find I don't need a thermometer in my water bath anyway, I use
> the "Goldilocks" method....if it's too hot or too cold, I get crappy
> sections, but if it's "just right....."
>                                                         Sandosis
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