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I am using Nalgene PolyPaper labels and they are really tough. They will
not tear and the laser print cannot be scratched off. It will come off
with xylene, but not alcohol. They are available through Fisher

We print them using an MS-Access database, but you can also use Word or
Filemaker Pro or any other label making program.

The only problem is that the labels are not put on the sheet in such a
way that you can use those on the outside edge because they are too
close to the edge to be printed on. We waste about 35 out of 80 labels
due to that problem. They are still the best labels for the price I have
found ($25 for 880 labels).

Nalgene labels (Labels, Histology Slide, Nalgene Polypaper, Fisher
Scientific, CAT#13-382-87A,  88 labels per sheet, 10 sheets per pack,
$25/pk. these are designed for the laser printer).

Tim Morken, B.A., EMT(MSA), HTL(ASCP)

Infectious Disease Pathology

Centers for Disease Control


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Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 16:46:49 -0600
From: "Peter A. Takes" <>
Subject: Re: slide labels
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 I am very happy with "Tough-Tags" from Diversified Biotech,


Peter A. Takes, Ph.D., RAC
Director, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs
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Valerie DeGroff wrote:

> Can anyone recommend specific types of labels they have use for
> microscope slides?  Our lab will be archiving large numbers of slides
> and are looking for permanence,  as well as solvent and temperature
> resistance.  We would also prefer that they be on a sheet format for
> convenience with a laser printer.
> Thanks again for your suggestions.
> Valerie Degroff
> Ohio State University

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