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>Can anyone tell me about the issue sriking my mind ..
>Can Electron microscopy be done on formalin fixed paraffin emebedded tissue.

Yes, if it is de-embedded, taken to 100% EtOH or acetone, embedded in
plastic and thin sectioned. Note: take the sample for re-embedding and
sectioning from an area within one millimeter of the original block face to
give yourself the best chance of decent morphology. Any deeper, and you'll
be beyond the recommended specimen size for good EM (1mm max. thickness).
And use well-fixed, nicely treated specimens, not the rapid dothisfast!

The morphology won't be as good as if done for TEM originally, and may be
really horrible. It may also be acceptable.

This can be done to do immuno work at the TEM level.

But it is much better to fix and process for EM originally. Which usually
applies to specimens EM is needed on, but they can't be processed for EM.


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