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When the Overland telegraph was first set up in Australia and for the next
twenty years, all telephonists were Male, in the 1950's & 1960's they were
all female, today in the nineties the mix is about 60/40 m/f.
The main difference is I believe, is that ladies are more facile and are
more fastidious about detail which is afterall something I seek in
prospective applicants for Histo.
Regards Mike (downunder)
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><<  The womice came in later, when they were
>   the majority, and gnawed off the testes of all but the fastest
>   gentlemice. Thus, genes for aggression and speed got passed
>   on to the mildren, and this is still going on ....
>  >>
>Would this theory explain why the majority of the folks in the field of
>histology are women?

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