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Dear Terence,
although I am retired from the Histo-lab, I can tell you that I have worked
both in a very crowded Lab and in a very spacious one, with approx the same
numbers in both. One thing I learnt very early it is the function of the lab
as a team that really counts and that in the cramped original lab we came to
know each others habits etc. so well that we were always very tolerant of
each other; when we had to break in a new person not all, so that those that
didn't get on were found a job elsewhere, I know this sounds very "Clicky"
but it was essential and we could not afford a clash of wills etc. in such a
small area and I dislike having to bully people into pulling their own
when we moved into a much larger lab, we carried on in much the same
fashion, except that management decided to rotate Lab. Assisants through our
section on a 12 week basis, most of the time this only caused extra time
teaching someone the donkey work, but there were times when we could'nt wait
for the end of that particular twelve week cycle to come to an end.
After twenty years of harmonious working together, a peer review system of
staff appraisal was introduced through the entire practice, and with it cam
e such a degree of division and mistrust that both efficency and quality
have suffered and the prime focus the patient has been placed to the side in
favour of personal interests, position, advancement etc.
Although retiring was one of the hardest things I've had to do, I'm glad I
did it.
In summary, I would like to suggest to you that you also look closely at
factors such appraisal systems, peer reviews etc. and examine their impact
and changes etc. c/w Labs that do not etc. But please remember the Patient
should always be the prime focus. And a final observation "Ants and bees
live and work in a cramped envioronment and still manage to work as an
efficient team" so while a mice model may offer some insight, there are
other models.
Regards Mike (Downunder)
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Date: Thursday, 11 February 1999 2:18
Subject: crowded laboratory

>Hello histologists
>IM working on my masters thesis through St. Joes. University in
>Philladelphia PA.  My thesis topic is the effect of a crowded work place on
>morale and productivity.  I have compiled a surveya and I'm looking for a
>crowded hospital laboratory to participate in my project.  If you are
>interested please contact me.
>Thank You
>Terry Murphy
>work # 610-378-6565

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