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From:John Bliss <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear H. Grabsch:

Zymed Laboratories offers the Bcl-2-100 mouse monoclonal antibody that has
been used with good results on paraffin-embedded (PE) tissues (Pezzella et
al; Am J Pathol 137(2):225-232 (1990). We recommend epitope retrieval in a
boiling bath, citrate buffer, pH 6.0, for 10 min. as a pretreatment.
Bcl-2-100 is available as a concentrate, predilute, and V-Line predilute.

Please contact us or your local Zymed distributor for more details.


John Bliss
Zymed Laboratories, Inc
458 Carlton Court
So. San Francisco, CA 94080
Tel: 800-871-4494
FAX: 650-871-4499

Heike Grabsch wrote:

> Urgent help needed!
> for months we did immmunohistochemistry on formalin-fixed,
> paraffin-embedded tissues for bcl2 with no problems. We use the
> monoclonal from Dako, dilution 1:40, 5 min pressure cooking in citrate
> buffer pH 6.0
> And now, all over sudden, it does not work anymore, only very very faint
> staining. We checked dilutions and even tried antibody "pure". Expiration
> date of the lot is 2001.
> Any suggestions? How do you pretreat your tissue sections for bcl2?
> thanks for your help,
> Heike Grabsch, Germany


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