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Dear Scott,
by far the easiest, is to cite examples form the recommended texts for the
subject as taught in your state, county or country. Eg. Carleton's
Histological technique or Thoery and practice of histotech. by Bancroft and
Stevens for UK and Australia. Culling's text for Canada and either
Prof.Lillie's Thoery & Practice, Sheehan and Hrapschak or the AFIP manual
for the USA.
As a student many years past we were given examples of schedules for manual
and automated techniques for different tissue types and one of the final
exam questions in the first year was to design your own overnight schedule
for a Histokinette stating your reasons given the sample mix was inclusive
of skins, fatty tissues and endoscopic biopsies.
Try the standard texts first, then target speciality labs eg. the bone
tumour registry, a private practice handling only small skins and punch
biopsies, a Surgical Hospital Pathology lab etc. they will all be different
to cater for their own specific needs versus quality , turn around time etc.
Good luck Mike (Downunder)
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Date: Thursday, 4 February 1999 10:54
Subject: Tissue Processing

>Hello Histonetters,
>If you were going to do a research paper or teach a class on Histology
>Tissue Processing, what resources would you use,(specifically), and
>where would you get that information?
>Your help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
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