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The funny thing about these consutations is there is no allowable way to
charge for the Technical componant.  It only has a Pro fee attached.  We
recieve thousands of refered cases to our Pathologists.

I don't understand how this was established, but after cost accounting the
technical side, it runs around $35.OO a case, and not a penny
reimbursment to cover these Hospital Costs.  This covers, accessioning,
office support, tracking down missing info, transcription, filing, mailing
of materials returned, etc.
Also depreicatopm on scopes, computers, dictaphone equipt.

This being a slide consult, there are no lab associated costs.

If you find a way, please let me know.


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On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Kathleen Pelton-Henrion wrote:

> Could anyone out  there tell me if they have technical charges attached to
> consultation? I know that of course there is a professional charge for
> Consultation and report on referred slides prepared elsewhere (88321), but
> our medical service group would bill for those. I'm wondering about
> capturing charges on the hospital side for the personnel who are paid by the
> hospital who do the accessioning, transcription of the report and the return
> of materials. Also the cost of all materials involved in this process.
> Any thoughts?
> Kathy

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