Re: Sirius Red method for amyloid

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Date: February 14, 1999 8:34 AM
Subject: Sirius Red method for amyloid

>Does anyone have a shortened protocol for Sirius Red for amyloid.

Sirius red can be used in a Highman's congo red type procedure quite
effectively, as can many other of the "sirius" direct cotton dyes.  Total
time to stain is about 15 minutes.

0.5% Congo red (or Sirius red) in 50% ethanol
0.2% potassium hydroxide in 70% ethanol
Mayers alum hematoxylin or another progressive type.

1.    Sections to water.
2.    Stain nuclei for 2 minutes, no need to blue.
3.    Place in dye solution for 5 minutes or longer.
4.    Rinse with water.
5.    Place into alkaline ethanol until dye ceases to extract - a few
6.    Rinse well with water.
7.    Dehydrate, clear and mount.

Amyloid - red
Nuclei - blue

Bryan Llewellyn

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