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Never used anything else but reagent alcohols for both routine and immuno
staining.  I would stick with ethanol that is denatured with other alcohols
such as methanol and isopropyl.  I wouldn't use alcohols denatured with
gasoline and ethyl acetate, these type of denaturants may interfer with

I used reagent alcohols in the tissue processors also.  Some labs use
isopropyl alcohol also with good results.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Serivces
EM Science

"Patrick M. Haley " <> on 02/05/99 03:17:06 PM

To:   Histonet <>
Subject:  Reagent or Blended Alcohols

I am curious about the pros and cons of using reagent and/or blended
alcohol's for tissue processing and staining. Does anyone out there in
HistoCyberLand use these reagents?
I welcome all comments and advice.
Also, any users of Histoclear or FisherBrand Hemo-De Clearing agents? How
do these perform for you?
Thank You!!


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