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almost lost an assistant using alcohol out in the open
all right, if you want the gory details...
my assistant who is an md from china, over 60, was sawing some rat or
rabbit bones back in the corner of the lab where it is not particularly
well ventilated, for a couple of hours, we had several samples, as
usual.  we had just gotten our diamond wire saw and figured out that if
you use super glue to stick the samples to a wood block, alcohol will
set the glue and make them stick real well, so i thought use 70% reagent
alcohol in the coolant bath and that would be a good idea.  as i said
this guy is an md and his wife is also an md, they treat themselves and
even have a chinese traditional medicine (acupuncture and herbal)
clinic.  so he doesn't tell me anything is wrong, but leaves the lab and
goes next door to his office and the next thing i know his wife is here
with a stethoscope and blood pressure cup,  and he is lying on the floor
vomiting.  i go get my boss to tell him dr. zhu is sick, he comes over
and wants to know if he is having a heart attack, his wife says he has
very low blood pressure.  i call for an ambulance to take him across the
street to er.  he looked terrible.  his wife and i walked over to er and
tried to find out what was going on.  i described what he was doing, and
they checked him for exposure to high levels of methanol (part of the
reagent alcohol mixture).  they kept him there for several hours,
hydrated him, observed him and finally let him go.  needless to say we
do not use an alcohol bath out in the open while sawing the bones
anymore, we use plain water.

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