Re: Microtome Leica/Jung Polycut M, anyone has experience with it?

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In an other life many moons ago I used to work for Reichert-Jung.  My two MOST
favorite instruments were the Polycut E  and the Ultracut E/FC4 (each at an
extream  end of the sectioning spectrum).  Make sure that you have all of the
accessories particularly the Hex wrenches.  The 1 micron setting is not as
theoretical as you may think, at a workshop I was giving someone brought me a
small JB-4 block and as I didn't have all of the parts for the 1140 microtome
(they had unintentionally been sent to another part of the world) I put the
block in the Polycut and cut 2 micron sections for the customer.  If I can be
of help let me know, it's been a while .....but it is like riding a bike once
you learn you never forget.

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> Hi all,
> A second-hand Leica/Jung Polycut M microtome has been offered to me, for...
> well... euch...  let's say ... a price I can afford.
> It's a sliding type of microtome, and it should be capable of cutting very
> large specimens (200 x 250 mm) in a thickness range of 1-275 Ám... (I think
> the 1 Ám is more some kind of theoretical limit).
> It's a very heavy machine, it weights euh... about a ton I think... (didn't
> try to lift it as I had back surgery some months ago).
> Anyone has any experience with this monster?
> BTW: and this has nothing to do with the above: saw last night a
> Reichert/Jung tissue processor on Ebay (Item # 63830183). Sold "as is",
> price at that time was US$ 50...
> Yvan Lindekens.
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