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I asked a similar question some months ago, with the view to compling a
book list. I posted a summary, which may be in the archives on the
histotech web site (I've forgotten--is it The Histotech's Home page at     ?) .

Here again is the list of replies I got. Perhaps some listers would like to
comment on their favorites?

I wouldn't be so quick to give up on the old books. Many of the best
methods are in the old texts, and these often don't appear in the new

Also, you should check out the current editions of "Conn's Biological
Stains" (9th ed current?) and "Staining Procedures" by The Biological Stain
Commission (4th ed. current?). The former is a basic reference on stain
chemistry and the latter a basic compendium of stains, mounting media,
buffers, etc. but mostly stains. For microbes, cells, plants, animals,
protozoans, fungi, and pathologists.


title: The Microwave Tool Book
author(s): Gary R. Login and Ann M. Dvorak
publisher: Beth Israel Hospital, Boston
ISBN (for each version-hardcover, flexicover, etc.): ISBN 0-964-2675-0-0
soft cover
most recent edition *in print*:  first
expected date for forthcoming edition
price (known or expected, please state which): $60 single purchase; $40
for 5 or more
ordering information (including phone #s, web sites, etc.):  ph 617-667-2034
fax 617-667-8676; e-mail
title:  Histological and Histochemical Methods: Theory and Practice
author(s): J. A. Kiernan
publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford
ISBN (for each version-hardcover, flexicover, etc.):
most recent edition *in print*:
>expected date for forthcoming edition: 3rd edn "Early 1999" if the
   publisher is to be believed.
>price (known or expected, please state which): About 40 pounds
   (= ? $60 U.S.)
>ordering information (including phone #s, web sites, etc.):
John A. Kiernan,
Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology,
The University of Western Ontario,
LONDON,  Canada  N6A 5C1
Phone: (519) 679-2111
FAX (Department): (519) 661-3936
> Do you have contact information for people who want to query the
>publisher  as to the release date?
Linacre House,
Jordan Hill,
Oxford  OX2 8DP
If a name is needed, it's probably Myriam Brearley.
The book below is one dear to my heart. I would gladly see it included in
your list. I unfortunately have no idea what it sells for in the USA or
Europe. In Australia it sells for approx AUD$300.
Laboratory Histopathology: A Complete Reference
AE Woods and RC Ellis
Churchill Livingstone
ISBN 0443 049122
Update 1 1995
Update 2 1996
The next update will depend upon our new editor and Harcourt Brace.
Ordering Information:
WB Saunders Customer Services
6277 Sea Harbour Drive, Orlando, Florida 32887
Tel: 001 407 345 2000   Fax: 001 407 352 3395
Manager Sally Wivdo
UK and Europe
Harcourt Brace Customer Services
Footscray High St, Sidcup, Kent DA14 5Hp
Tel: 0181 308 5700   Fax: 0181 309 9353
Roy Ellis

>From Tim Morken on Lab Histopath:
ISBN:  0443049122
PRICE: $210.00
SHIPPING & HANDLING: Estimate 8% of the total invoice
Price and availability are not guaranteed.  If you would like this
quotation to be processed in our system and held for 90 days, please
forward your mailing address. You may place your order by calling:
800-831-7799 or Fax 800-874-6418. Please add your local sales tax.
Jackie Tumahai, Customer Service
Title: Histotechnology, A Self-Instructional Text
Author: Freida L. Carson
Publisher: ASCP Press
Date of Publication: 1997
ISBN: 0-89189-411-X
Price: $95 ($85 ASCP members)
Ordering Information:
Order #B411X
ASCP Press: Dept 77-3462
Chicago, IL 60678-3462
Phone: 800/621-4142 (Illinois, call 312/738-4890)

Title: Histotechnology, A Self-Assessment Workbook
Author: Freida L. Carson
Publisher: ASCP Press
Date of Publication: 1997
ISBN:  None
Price: $40 ($35 ASCP members)
Ordering Information:
Order #B4128
ASCP Press: Dept 77-3462
Chicago, IL 60678-3462
Phone: 800/621-4142 (Illinois, call 312/738-4890)
From: Shirley Powell <>
The NSH has an Educational Resources In Histotechnolgy list which may be
obtained from them by calling or emailing the central office, 301-262-6221 or  The list gives title, publisher and cost.  It does not have an
abstract but gives a wide range of choices.

From: Gayle Callis <>
The National Society for Histotechnology has an extensive, useful list of
texts, manuals, journals, and publishers.  Contact the main office via for more specific details.  The booklet is titled 1997 Edition
Educational Resources in Histotechnology and costs $5.00 for postage and
handling and a $5.00 fee to non members.

Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 08:51:25 -0500
From: RUSS T ALLISON <> (by way of Histonet)
Best book I've come accross for explaining tinctorial staining, by a
million miles, is:
Understanding Histochemistry: Selection, evaluation and design of
biological stains.
Richard HorobinEllis Horwood Ltd, Chichester, England
USA  Distributors:- John Wiley & Sons
605 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10158.
ISBN 0-85313-678 X(Ellis Horwood Limited)
ISBN 0-470 21060-5(Halsted Press)
The middle 75 pages are great for your purpose. The rest is valauble
Russ Allison, Wales

Armed Forces Inst Path Manual Histotechnique:
One of the places you can order it is through Shandon (1998 Lab Consumables
Catalogue). Otherwise it's available from the American Registry of
Pathology, AFIP, Washington, DC 20306-6000. Look for it in the AFIP website.

An Atlas of Artifacts Encountered in the Preperation of Micrscopic
Tissue Sections.  by: Samuel Wesley Thompson and Lee G. Luna, published by:
Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, IL  ISBN 0-398-03624-1

>From a source I've forgotten (sorry):
"Histologic Technic & Practical Histochemistry" 4th Ed. by Prof.RD Lillie
and Harold Fulmer p.2004-208. This text is of such bibical proportions and
trivia inclusions that it is a must for every Histo Lab, and despite it's
age is ever appropriate.

>Dear Histonetters,
>Forgive me for either phrasing my previous request too
>ambiguously or for sounding a bit too lazy. I think the
>question was reasonable considering that two private
>responses I have received asked me to forward any private
>responses answering my original request. Of course, there
>were no privately send answers nor public replies on the
>listserv. So, I will ask again.
>Kevin Smith
>University of Louisville
>Dept. of Biology

Philip Oshel
PO Box 620068
Middleton, WI  53562

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