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	Dear Jennifer,

	I am not surprised the soapy water suggestion is working.  Several
ago it was recommended to me as a medium in which to mount pathology museum
display pieces.  Unfortunately, I no longer work in that field so have been
unable to verify it for myself.  As to being able to do immuno's, I cannot
comment as I am unsure of the fixation process involved.  I'm afraid it
have to be a case of "suck it & see".
	As to the constant desire of pathologists to get things done
yesterday, I
can only suggest that in the last modern hospital lab I worked in,
microwave fixation proved an ideal solution.


	Rob W.

At 03:15 PM 2/9/99 -0700, you wrote:
>The discussion last week about the different methods to remove excess
>fat had me anxious to try the soapy water suggestion. It seemed to
>simple to be true. Well it has worked great but now a new question has
>come up. Has anyone used this method and then done immuno's on the
>tissue? Was their any difference? If this wont be a problem I have to
>say I love the results so far. Out Doc's seem to think that no matter
>when the specimen gets to the lab and no matter what kind on specimen it
>is it HAS to make it on the processor that night. Needless to say the
>sections often look a bit unfixed.
>Jennifer Saunders H.T.
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