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In our recent (last year) consultant review of CPT codes and  billing,
we were told that we could not bill for this because there is not a CPT
code. j

>From: 	Kathleen Pelton-Henrion[]
>Sent: 	Thursday, February 11, 1999 11:05 AM
>Subject: 	Technical Charges
>Could anyone out  there tell me if they have technical charges attached to
>consultation? I know that of course there is a professional charge for
>Consultation and report on referred slides prepared elsewhere (88321), but
>our medical service group would bill for those. I'm wondering about
>capturing charges on the hospital side for the personnel who are paid by the
>hospital who do the accessioning, transcription of the report and the return
>of materials. Also the cost of all materials involved in this process.
>Any thoughts?

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