RE: Microtome Leica/Jung Polycut M, anyone has experience with it ?

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I used a demo Polycut series M a few years ago. I later talked the boss into
investing in the Polycut series E (motor driven) from Leica for whole mount
(100 to 250 mm) paraffin sectioning. I routinely section whole human larynx,
prostate, heart and breast at a minimum of 5-6 um for paraffin. Defying
gravity was the most challenging aspect of sliding microtomy for me. The
ribbons from the 30 cm c-profile knife must be lifted upward as opposed to
the ribbons falling downward on a standard rotary microtome.

As Bob Schoonhoven has mentioned, there are many accessories available to
adapt to your specific needs (freezing device, microscope carrier, plastic
object plates, embedding molds, tungsten knives, clamps, tools, etc.).

Maintenance and service have been minimal. It is a bench hog, but was worth
the investment.
I would also be glad to share more info with you or visit Leica at :

Eric Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

	From:  Yvan Lindekens []
	Sent:  Saturday, February 06, 1999 9:45 AM
	Subject:  Microtome Leica/Jung Polycut M, anyone has experience with

	Hi all,

	A second-hand Leica/Jung Polycut M microtome has been offered to me,
	well... euch...  let's say ... a price I can afford.

	It's a sliding type of microtome, and it should be capable of
cutting very
	large specimens (200 x 250 mm) in a thickness range of 1-275 Ám...
(I think
	the 1 Ám is more some kind of theoretical limit).

	It's a very heavy machine, it weights euh... about a ton I think...
	try to lift it as I had back surgery some months ago).

	Anyone has any experience with this monster?

	BTW: and this has nothing to do with the above: saw last night a
	Reichert/Jung tissue processor on Ebay (Item # 63830183). Sold "as
	price at that time was US$ 50...

	Yvan Lindekens.

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