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> Hi Sandy,
> I am not a CPT code expert, however, I think I can answer your
> question by telling you what we do.
> Yes you can charge for each special stain. If we do an iron on the
> clot, bx, and smear on a BM, we put through 3 charges. The CPT code is
> the same for all antibodies we use but a different name does appear on
> the hospital bill for each one. Each one is also specifically
> mentioned in the path report as well.
> I do not know which records Medicare uses, but I do think they look at
> the hospital bill.
> Hope this helps.
> Marg
> Marjorie Hagerty, H.T. (ASCP) H.T.L., Q IHC
> Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology
> Eisenhower Medical Center
> 39000 Bob Hope Drive
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> 760.773.2013
> FAX:760.773.1587
> CPT Experts,
>     If I understand a recent histonet question correctly, you can't
> charge twice for the same antibody on two different blocks of the same
> case,  but you CAN charge twice if it is two different antibodies.
> Isn't the CPT code used the same for all IgG antibodies?  So aren't
> you doing the same thing in both cases, charging twoice for the same
> CPT code?  How does the difference between these two scenarios get
> deciphered by Medicare or the Insurance powers that be?
>    Just curious.      Sandosis
> PS How does this relate to special stain charging when you perform the
> same stain on several blocks of the same case...

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