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Hi Beth,
We are one of the lucky few who still have a deiner. Our autospy load
has decreased to ~ 20/year. As the autopsies decreased, Chuck's
miscellaneous duties increased. He is paid as a laboratory assistant -
upper range of $11+/hour and does so many things that we don't know what
all they are until he is out! Some of his duties include: care of
glassware, laundry, specimen container distributation, formalin
neutralization, xylene still operation, Thinprep slide preparation
during vacations, slide and block filing, record storage, and keeping
our teaching specimens in good shape for the next borrower. I have
assured him that those who go around in circles will become big wheels,
and he deligently works on that! He has been here for over 18 years and
was taught by our medical director. He can perform the eviseration (sp?)
with his eyes closed, I believe, and we don't know what we will do when
he retires. Oh yes, we pay call pay 4 hours on Sat and Sun and holidays.
Hope this helps. J

>From: 	Beth Sheppard[]
>Sent: 	Monday, February 08, 1999 8:48 AM
>Subject: 	Autopsy Coverage
>I would appreciate any information anyone can provide on the following:
>1) How many institutions presently have Histotechs performing autopsies?
>2) If you have full me Dieners, what are their qualifications?
>3) How many full time Dieners vs. how many autopsies?
>4) What salary range  (min-mid-max) for a Diener ?
>5) Do you pay on-call?
>Thank you in advance for any information you can provide me.
>Beth Sheppard
>Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
>Winston- Salem, NC

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