Metal and Plastic in Tissue

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I recall this issue was discussed not too long ago.  And now a
colleague is asking about it.  Here's her e-mail request to me.  Our
EM lab does our plastic work, but they said that they don't have the
equipment to do metal stuff because of the polishing.  Any takers out
there for some contract work?


Do you know if anyone in your labs at MSU do plastics embedding and
sectioning?  If so, would they be willing to process outside (non MSU)
samples?  We have some formalin fixed rabbit synovial tissue that has
microscopic metal and plastic particles in it.  When we try paraffin
embedding and sectioning, the knife cannot section through the hard
stuff.  The hospital lab we use suggests plastic embedding, but no one
in town does it.

Pat Venema, Research Technician
Orthopaedic Research Project
Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI 49546
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Catherine "Katie" Bresee Bennett
Laboratory for Experimental Pathology
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Michigan State University

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