MUSCLE HISTOCHEMISTRY - problems with ATPases?

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>Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 22:22:01 +1100
>From: Marjorie & David Cardwell <>
>Subject: MUSCLE HISTOCHEMISTRY - problems with ATPases?
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>Has anyone had problems with inconsistent ATPase staining on muscles,
>especially at pH4.6?
>I'd be very interested to hear of people's approaches to this stain.
>David Cardwell
>State Neuropathology Service
>Melbourne, Australia

	Inconsistent ATPase staining, is this not normal. The most
consistent method I have used is that by Joan Round. The technique is
reliable for human muscle but usually needs a wee bit of tinkering with the
pH's for other species. The one thing I do find with all ATPase techniques
is that fresh sections are best. Human muscle is more tolerant but other
species can be unreliable at acid pH after short term storage. If you can't
get the paper let me know and I'll e-mail the method.
Round,J.M., et al. 1980. Histochem. J. 12. 707-710.

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