IHC tissue adhesion problem

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From:"Victor A. Tobias" <tobiasv@vetmed.wsu.edu> (by way of histonet)
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I am sending this for someone else. Our facility is doing IHC staining to
detect Scrapie, a prion disease. To make the tissues safer to handle, they
are being pretreated in 99% formic acid for at least one hour to
deactivate the prion. I won't go into all the other steps of the
procedure, but the tissues that have been pretreated don't stay on the
slides. Other tissues that have not been pretreated stay on. We are using
Probe On Plus slides. Supposedly all samples in the future will be
pretreated so we need to find a way to get them to stick. Any suggestions?

Victor Tobias
Manager Tissue Processing Lab
Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab
Washington State University
Pullman Washington 99164-7034
(509) 335-5590
(509) 335-7424 fax

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