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Her is the source for the book mentioned in the message below:

Hazardous Materials Book

1020 Harts Lake Road, Battle Creek, MI 49015


Hazardous Materials in the Histopathology Laboratory: Regulations,
Risks, Handling and Disposal, Third Edition (March
1995), by Janet Crookham Dapson and Richard W. Dapson. 255 pages.
Completely revised and greatly expanded with
13 new chapters. See what you are missing: call for a detailed (three
pages) table of contents.

Hazmat Manual

This is the definitive reference book on this subject.


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Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 20:47:49 -0900
From: "Skelton, Michelle" <mskelton@akanmc.alaska.ihs.gov>
Subject: RE: Up to date text on Toxic & Hazardous Chemicals in industry
To: "'sfox@odant.agri.state.oh.us'" <sfox@odant.agri.state.oh.us>,

We have a book in our Dept. called "Hazardous Materials in the
Histopathology Laboratory (Regulations, Risks, Handling and Disposal)"
written by Janet Crookham Dapson and Richard W. Dapson.  If you check
Barbara Murray (on Histonet), she might be able to tell you where we
it from.  I believe she got it for us.

Michelle L Skelton
Alaska Native Health Campus

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> Subject:	Up to date text on Toxic & Hazardous Chemicals in industry
> I need a up to date text on chemical hazard rating, health risks,
> storage and handling, carcinogen, and target organs of industry and
> health chemicals being used in labs.
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