Formic acid treatment of Scrapie Tissues

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From:"Sue.Hacker" <> (by way of histonet)
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Greetings Histonetters,
Can any of you help. We are receiving Formic acid treated tissues from
Scrapie infected animals, and quite frankly the tissue leaves a lot to be
desired !
Any suggestions on improving the quality of the sections produced.
The tissues have been treated for 1 hour , but in some cases 1 and half
hours. The problems we are finding are HE's falling off slides, very
brittle tissues, etc etc.
Some researchers have suggested that we do not need to formic acid treat
scrapie tissues as they are not as hazardous as BSE and CJD tissues, your
views on this would be helpful.(My view is better safe than sorry! )
Any help is much appreciated.
Sue Hacker.
IAH. Compton.

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