Fatty Specimens

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From:Jennifer Saunders <fayerae@digisys.net> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <histonet@magicnet.net>
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The discussion last week about the different methods to remove excess
fat had me anxious to try the soapy water suggestion. It seemed to
simple to be true. Well it has worked great but now a new question has
come up. Has anyone used this method and then done immuno's on the
tissue? Was their any difference? If this wont be a problem I have to
say I love the results so far. Out Doc's seem to think that no matter
when the specimen gets to the lab and no matter what kind on specimen it
is it HAS to make it on the processor that night. Needless to say the
sections often look a bit unfixed.

Jennifer Saunders H.T.

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