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Shandon has a fixative made just for frozen sections. It's called Rapid fixx.

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After using 95% ethanol for years, Iswitched to coplin jar of NBF
(alcoholic formalin would probably work just as well).  fixation is approx
15 - 30 sec for a 5 um frozen, rinsed with tap water and stained, never
lost a renal biopsy section.  Frozens for lipids are fantastic.
The morphology was better, more like the paraffin sections, staining
definitely looked better with a rapid H&E.  Only drawback is keeping fumes
to zero, but never noticed them if screw cap/covered jar is used.  all
rinsing, staining etc iis done n afume hood.

My problem with sprays is the aerosol, and what I am breathing, plus you
are spraying onto potential biohazardous material, does this cause aerosol
that is dangerous to you?   Always a niggling thought, that is why our
tissue freezing is never done with a cryospray.  Peggy Wenk might comment
on this---------

Hope this helps
Gayle Callis

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