Cytospray fixation of frozen sections

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The following message was received on a Pathology list server that our
Pathologist monitors.  It has not received any responses as of yet and
my Pathologist ask me to post it here.  He is interested in trying it.

Crescenzi et. al. reported in the January '99 issue of Modern Pathology
that the use of a cytology spray fixative called BIO-FIX on frozen
sections provided superior morphologic detail than immersion in 95%
ethanol prior to staining.

Can anyone tell me who distributes BIO-FIX in the U.S.?

Can anyone familiar with this product tell me if it's contents are
similar to other commonly used spray fixatives for cytology smears?

The authors do not specify how long the spray fixative is left on the
frozen section, nor do they indicate specifically how the spray fixative
is removed.  They simply indicate that they were hydrated and stained
with H&E and claim that morphologically, their sections were comparable
to formalin fixed paraffin sections.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


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