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This is a good question for the microscopy mailing list:

There are people there who work on wood and 
adhesives -- probably someone who does both.


>We are doing some investigations on glue-lines 
>in wood. Our standard procedure so far is to 
>boil the wood in water to soften it, produce 
>microtome slices and stain them. However the 
>boiling process might affect the condition of 
>the adhesive and the wood itself. To avoid this 
>effect, we want to survey little wooden cubes 
>(untreated), where the investigated surface has 
>only been smoothed with the microtome. To get a 
>better contrast between the wood and the 
>adhesive, we tried various staining methods 
>(safranine, iodide-iodide-potassium, 
>toluidine-blue), that have been mentioned in the 
>literature. Anyway, the tests results were not 
>satisfying. Not every part of the adhesive was 
>dyed by the staining agent to the same degree 
>making a determination of the adhesive 
>penetration very difficult.
>My question now is: Has anybody some experience 
>with a dry sample preparation of wood or glue 
>lines respectively? And has anybody some 
>experience with the staining of wood or adhesive?
>The wood is beech; the adhesives are PUR, UF and PVAC.
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