Re: [Histonet] Oil of Cajeput??

From:Bryan Llewellyn

I used to love the smell of cajaput oil when I was a junior tech in England.

You can stain nerve cells, actually Nissl, without it.

1.  Overstain with the cresyl fast violet.
2.  Without any differentiation, dehydrate thoroughly and clear in xylene.
3.  Leave it there at least half an hour, possibly overnight.
4.  Bring it back to absolute ethanol.
5.  Differentiate with absolute ethanol containing a few drops of acetic 
acid per 100 mL until stained as you want.
6.  Wash well with absolute ethanol to remove all traces of acetic acid.
7.  Clear with xylene again, and mount.

It is commonly observed that the initial dehydration and clearing improves 
the later differentiation, but I don't know why.

Bryan Llewellyn

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Subject: [Histonet] Oil of Cajeput??

I have a request to do a cresyl echt violet stain for nerve cell 
differentiation.  The protocol calls for oil of cajeput.  Has anyone used 
this?  Know where to get it?  Or, has anyone done this technique and know of 
a suitable substitute for this oil?  Thanks.
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