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From:Rene J Buesa

  BM sections, that are ussually sectioned thinner than others a per pathologists' request. are more prone to have this artifact ("bubble" or "empty" nuclei) cause when you DRY the sections in the oven that have NOT been totally drained.
  If there is some amount of water underneath the section when it goes into the dying oven, the nuclei contents gets that appearance.
  This artifact has nothing to do with the fixative, is a problem cause by incompletely dained sections.
  René J.

"Metzger, Kenneth"  wrote:
  We are seeing an artifact that causes loss of nuclear detail, particularly in erythroid cells, giving an appearance of being blown up with no nuclear detail. It is worse in decaled cores. This appears when we fix the cores and clot in formalin. We were using Z-5 and did not have this issue. My Pathologist wants to stick to formalin. None of our other tissue has this issue. Has anyone had this happen? Any help would be appreciated.


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