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From:"Fail, Mildred M."

Right now my former boss is LOL because I always forget to spell check
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Amy ,
Each special stain should have the results lised for the procedure. As for a "cheat Sheet", you need one specific for your lab. If you have request forms you can do it quickly, by printing beside each stain which control you need, effective but messy and not very professional. I worked with a database to list all our Abs. lot nos, titration dates, dilutions, controls etc. A simple query for bench use pulled up ABs. lot, controls, dilutions,and  pretreatment.  Designed at my home computer than transfered and maintained at work. The lab I worked in had over 100 Abs. No way did I have the time at work to commit to the initial document. It does take time but is well worth the effort.
Rena Fail
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Hi all...

This may be a silly question & I could probably find the answer myself
by searching the Internet or our own archives-but I'm allowed only so
much time on the computer at work & for the next 2 weeks, I'm on another
'position' so I won't be near the computer at all...So please accept my

We are looking for a 'cheat sheet' for special and immuno stains.

We need the name of the stain, the best control tissue, what we're
staining (looking) for, and the colors we will see if the stain is done

I've searched for this online, but I find SOOO much information packed
into tables that it will take me hours to delete what I don't need &
enter the information I DO need.

I just thought if someone had something like this handy, I could have a
copy....if not, I'll just go to the library this weekend and begin
making a chart myself from the sticky notes we have all over the lab LOL

Also, thank you all who responded to my Calret. question!  I received a
lot of suggestions, and we're trying them all!

Have a great Friday everyone!


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