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From:Hugh Luk

We checked with our state DOH, and they advised us to burn or "Landfill" the tissue blocks.  I clogged one of the hospital boiler room furnaces with wax.  My name was "Mudd" for quite a while!  
The DOH then noticed that every hospital was in the middle of densely populated areas; and shut every single furnace down.  
As a community, we then made a "Discard Tissue Repository" thru the local university-research group.  Our local arrangements are: the research group de-identifies the old blocks and the research group buys new cabinets for the participating hospitals.
Yes, this is harder than it sounds, and there is a NCI/SEER grant involved, but as a resource tool, it is outstanding. 
Hugh Luk
Cancer Research Center of Hawaii
(but also a hospital employee as a 2nd job)
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