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From:"Lee & Peggy Wenk"

I would guess a lot of the autofluorescence would be due to the eosin. Are
you seening a greenish color? Hematoxylin would actually be blocking the
nuclei autofluorescence. So the cytoplasm would be green glowing, with black
holes for nuclei.

Try decolorizing like an H&E.

Remove the coverslip.

Remove the mounting media with 3 changes xylene or substitute, about 5
minutes each.

2 changes absolute alcohol, 1 minute each

2 changes 95% alcohol, 1 minute each

1 change 70% alcohol, 1 minute

Rinse in running water, 1 minute - (running down through alcohol and going
into water should get rid a lot of the light green and some of the eosin)

Place in 1% acetic acid (or if you use a regressive H&E, use the acid rinse
after the hematoxylin). This should remove the hematoxylin. Dip up and down
for 5-10 seconds, up to 1 minute - check with a microscope.

Rinse in water 1 minute.

Place in the bluing agent used in the H&E (ammonia water, lithium carbonate,
etc.). 5-60 seconds. Check with microcope. This should remove the eosin, and
probably the orange G.

Rinse in water 1 minute.

Should be set to go.

If your formulation has Bismarck brown, I don't know how to remove it,
simply because I never understood how or if it was working in the Pap stain.
It's at the wrong pH - it's in a acidic solution, but it needs a basic pH to
bind to tissue. But, since you are going into 
- water (which removes dyes soluble in water)
- alcohol (which removes dyes soluble in alcohol)
- dilute acid (which removes basic/cationic dyes)
- dilute base (which removes acidic/anionic dyes)

I think we have removed just about every variation of dye there is found in
a Pap stain.

Hope that helps.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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Good Afternoon,

Does anyone out there have a good protocol for destaining PAP slides?
I'm really trying to remove not only the color, but the fluorescence caused
by the stain itself.



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