[Histonet] Two Identifiers

From:"Nita Searcy"

The statement is from the Lab General question .40490- see the "note"
attached to the interpretation in which it specifically states"Personnel
must confirm the patient's identity by checking at least two identifiers
before collecting a specimen." I interpret that to be "out of my circle
of influence" as far as biopsies, fluids, etc- unless I am collecting,
then I verify identity.

Also JCAHO Provision of Care -PC.5.10 as well as CLSI document H3 calls
for two identifiers- "when administering medications or blood products;
taking blood samples and other samples for clinical testing, or
providing any other treatments or procedures."

Courtesy of my compliance officer.

But, as you know, inspectors can interpret however they choose and you
have a right to respond. 

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