[Histonet] Re: Oil of Cajeput??

From:"Robert Richmond"

Oil of cajeput (the Oxford English Dictionary pronounces it
CADGE-uh-putt - from a Malay word meaning 'white wood') is an oil
distilled from any of several species of Melaleuca, so called
tea-trees because the oil smells like green tea, to some people
anyway. Tea-tree oil, a terpenoid like limonene,  apparently has some
antiseptic properties, and is widely used in cosmetics - I've got some
tea tree oil shampoo in the bathroom, in fact.

Hardly endangered, the Australian tea tree is the Tree that Ate
Florida, where it's apparently taking over 50 acres a day. Clearly
it's our environmental duty to clear in tea-tree oil! Histologists
against the Tea Tree!

I want a bumper sticker.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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