[Histonet] Re: Night differential

From:"Susan Owens"

At our hospital, Histo currently gets the same night differential as the 
main clinical lab (not always the case.). The work day is divided into three 
(3) pay shifts (1st, 2nd and 3rd)...The hours you ask about are third shift 
and get the highest shift dollars...I currently start work at 3:00am and get 
a $ 2.50 per hour shift differential But only for the hours worked in the 
third shift..For us, the 1st shift starts at 6:00am so my shift diff is paid 
to me for the hours 3:00am to 6:00am(or 3 hours ea day). If I come in early 
(or late) then my 3rd shift hours are increased or decreased accordingly..


Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 08:12:24 -0800
From: "Cindy DuBois" 
Subject: [Histonet] Night differential

Are there any techs who get a night differential?  If so, how much?
We currently come to work @ 3:30 am.  We are now being asked to come in at
1:30.  I would like to ask for a night differential, but need to know how
much to ask for.


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