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From:"Robert Richmond"

Vicki Gauch asks:

>>Our isopentane bath (Histo Bath) that we use to freeze our frozen
section blocks has finally stopped working and cannot be repaired. We
tried to order a replacement unit only to find out that they no longer
make it !!! The company also did not have another option. Does anyone
know where we can get something like this?<<

Molotov cocktail, you mean! We used acetone in ours. The fire and
explosion hazard of this device is unacceptable. I found a suitable
fluorocarbon substitute, but hissy-fits were thrown when I suggested
the change.

We actually replaced the unit about two years ago - I won't say where
I was then.. It took several months to get a new one Made in China. I
never succeeded in finding another user of the thing, and I don't
wonder why. If anybody's interested in the fluorocarbon substitute for
acetone or isopentane, I can look it up.

Meanwhile, your pathologists can freeze tissue like everybody else does.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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