[Histonet] Premiere microscope slides

From:Jennifer Johnson

I sampled a case and hated them.  My sales rep said they had been very well received and I was the only one complaining about them but my top gripes were:
1)  They were too short and I couldn't fit as many sections on a slide.
2)  The bottom corners are angled (or clipped) and when I put the slide on a staining tray, all of the reagent streamed off the corner.  This also happened with mounting medium when I coverslipped them.
3)  When I put them in a staining rack, it scraped the tissue off because they were shorter.
4)  The frosted edge turns pink when stained with H & E which my Pathologist hated.
5)  You cannot easily "float off a section" in the water bath if you are not happy with it. It sticks like glue.
I had ten reasons but the others must not have been so aweful because I can't remember them. ;0
I would suggest getting a sample and seeing what you think.
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