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From:"Martin, Erin"

When I was pregnant last year, I talked to my nurse midwife about the chemicals and she referred me to a California pregnancy safety hotline.  I was doing gross and histo at the time.  They went over all of the chemicals with me and basically agreed with everything that Laurie said - reduce exposure as much as possible and work in well ventilated areas.  None of what I was working with is teratogenic (birth defect causing) but I was advised to be careful anyway.  Compromising my own health wouldn't be good for the baby, obviously.
Embedding and cutting are good options if you want to be extra careful.  I'm sure that no-one would want to ask a nervous mom-to-be to do anything that might be unhealthy for her or her baby.  It's not about legal accomodation, it's just the right thing to do.  Your HR office probably has some sort of guidelines to help you if you are not sure.  

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