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Greetings histo friends,
Has anyone jumped through the new CAP water hoops?  CAP indicates Clinical 
and Laboratory Standards Institute (instead of NCCLS guidelines for Type I, II, 
III water)  The CLSI guidelines "Prepartion and Testing of Reagent Water in 
the Clinical Laboratory" gives a few sample pages on line, but I'm left 
wondering if Type II water will translate easily under CLSI.  My current procedure 
references our lab water as Type II and NCCLS guidelines.  It's looking like I 
need to rewrite a few things.  Is this correct?  Are labs required to have on 
hand the CLSI guideline ($120.00 !!!)  Is NCCLS outdated and no longer required 
to have on hand?
Thanks everyone
Deb King, HT(ASCP)
Sacramento, CA

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