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From:Rene J Buesa

  Fix your beasts in a mixture of 100 mL of absolute ethanol + 75 mL of chloroform + 25 mL of acetic acid and phenol to complete to 250 mL total. This fixative (described by Hetherington in 1922) will fix AND dehydrate your beats. Then immerse them in methyl salicylate and from there to paraffin wax.
  René J.

Ian Montgomery  wrote:
  When the select few are sitting in the nuclear bunkers the
dominant species on the planet will be nematodes. I've just started a
project for my Zoologist colleagues studying these wee devils and I'm
convinced they are the mega-organism. Formaldehyde, not a problem, couple of
weeks later, give them a rinse and away they swim. Osmium tetroxide, "are
they trying to annoy me with this slightly noxious compound." Managing to
fix them is hard enough but processing for sectioning, a nightmare. Does
anyone have experience processing these beasts? Hints and tips would be very


Dr. Ian Montgomery,


I.B.L.S. Support Unit,

Thomson Building,

University of Glasgow,

G12 8QQ.

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