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Here Ithought it would be the cock roach or one of the subspecies of 
it.  I thought osmium tetroxide would kill anything.  My technician 
tells me the only way they get rid of them in animals that had become 
infected was to worm them.  I guess the worm medication was the 
answer.  Good Luck.   Pam Marcum

At 12:05 PM 2/13/2008, Ian Montgomery wrote:
>             When the select few are sitting in the nuclear bunkers the
>dominant species on the planet will be nematodes. I've just started a
>project for my Zoologist colleagues studying these wee devils and I'm
>convinced they are the mega-organism. Formaldehyde, not a problem, couple of
>weeks later, give them a rinse and away they swim. Osmium tetroxide, "are
>they trying to annoy me with this slightly noxious compound." Managing to
>fix them is hard enough but processing for sectioning, a nightmare. Does
>anyone have experience processing these beasts? Hints and tips would be very
>Dr. Ian Montgomery,
>I.B.L.S. Support Unit,
>Thomson Building,
>University of Glasgow,
>G12 8QQ.
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