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From:Rene J Buesa

Try to buy the small (100 cassettes) model of VIP by Sakura. Very flexible programs and outstanding long term reliability, what you can call a "real workhorse".
  René J.

Mary L Giebel/FS/VCU  wrote:
  I would appreciate your thoughts and advice on tissue processors, both conventional and microwave. I have just been notified that I may be able to purchase a tissue processor...and they would like the quote by tomorrow morning. My previous research on processors is now outdated. 

I run a small research histology core with a low volume and a low budget. I mainly work with mouse tissue (heart and lungs). Most of the tissue that I work with is used for IHC, which is why I am somewhat hesitant to go with a microwave processor. 

I have found a unit that looks interesting, the Microm STP-120, but I am concerned because it uses a centrifugal cycle. That would not be a problem with the hearts, but the lungs that I work with are inflated. Has anyone had a problem with the unit?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Mary Lee Giebel

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