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From:Akemi Allison-Tacha

Hi Lia,

I also had similar experiences years ago using liver
w/ & w/o for PAS.  Have you ever tried using a Cervix
(including both endocervix and ectocervix) as a
control?  It is also considered to be an excellent


--- "Caldwell, Lia" 

> Hey all,
> Just wondering if I could pick your brains about the
> inconsistency of the PAS with and without Diastase
> method on liver controls.  We cut several unstained
> slides on our liver patient panels, and if they
> happen to have a positive reaction, we will keep the
> unstained slides to use as future controls.  We also
> have a liver control that was once very good for
> this method.   We have noticed that, after time, the
> PAS reaction weakens on the PAS w/out D on both
> controls. Our results are not consistent regardless
> if you use saliva or Diastase of Malt & buffer. 
> Sometimes the patient's stain is better than the
> control that was beautiful weeks before.  Can this
> be attributed to the continual breakdown of glycogen
> in the liver even after processing?  Does anyone
> have solid research to indicate tissue/substance
> degeneration long after processing?  Any information
> would help.  Thank you!
> ~Lia
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