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From:Rene J Buesa

Yuca, as well as other tubers, contain a lot of starch and they are a source of problems.
  First fix in FAA (Formil Acetic Acid), prepare THIN slices and dehydrate with EthOL. You can try clearing it with xylene, but when I did this procedure (56 years ago) I cleared with aniline oil followed by a short immesion in benzene.
  What you have to use is a paraffin of as high melting point as possible (63-65║C).
  Bolles Lee have some procedures, as well as Gary's.
  RenÚ J.

"Breeden, Sara"  wrote:
  I've been asked to help a museum employee produce some slides of
excavated plant material (yucca, etc.) but before I plunge in to
processing and cutting, is there a source of information that would
help? The material is, obviously, very desiccated and as it is fibrous,
I'm really pondering how I can produce a section that would be a help.
Your help would be ah... helpful! Thanks!

Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)

NM Dept. of Agriculture

Veterinary Diagnostic Services

PO Box 4700

Albuquerque, NM 87106


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