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From:Kim Merriam

Hi Susan,
  The floors won't tear if you scrape them, the epoxy is a very hard polymer; it would be very difficult to damage them (and since the floors are "poured", they are seamless!).  I come from the biotech/pharma industry and these types of floors are very common in animal rooms and laboratories in our industry.  I have a friend that used to install them (he now works in Biotech!), nasty work, but the floors are great!
  Good luck.

"Weber, Susan (VHACLE)"  wrote: 
  Are you able to "scrape" paraffin off of them as well? Or does it tend
to "gouge" when scrapping or moving equipment? I would be very
interested in hearing as we have to present special concerns to the
design committee this week. Thanks! 

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Epoxy floors will do the trick, they are pretty expensive though. They
need to be "poured" and allowed to cure for a certain amount of time
before they can be used. They are resistant to just about anything.

Kim wrote:
I've had a inquiry from another lab that is planning some remodeling. 
They're asking if there are any xylene resistant flooring that can be
down. Other can sealed concrete does anything exist?

Kerry Crabb
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