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From:Thom Jensen

Thanks Tom,
Tonsil controls seem to be the standard by most techs.
Thom> Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 08:49:26 -0600> From:> To:;> Subject: Re: [Histonet] Tissue Micro Arrays> > I typically use a vertical line of 3 tonsil cores to denote the upper lefthand corner of the array.> > Tom Pier> > >>> Thom Jensen  02/03/08 8:11 PM >>>> > Hey all,> I am trying to compile proven methods Array Technicians have use tissue markers to help locate the first position of an array. I have used tonsil and other control tissues for location markers. But I mostly uses dyed lung tissues. This is how we distinguish one group of 100 cores from another. Each group has a different color location marker. This is what our doctor's have preferred.> > Any one else want to share other ideas or ways they have made location markers for TMAs .> > Thanks a bunch,> Thom> Histologist/TMA Technician> > > > For Free TMA instruction go to:> > For New TMA Instrument go to:> > > > _________________________________________________________________> Helping your favorite cause is as easy as instant messaging. You IM, we give.>> Histonet mailing list>>> 
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