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From:"Charles, Roger"

Recently we bought a sakura slide writer that uses ink to print. The
only problem I have found with the ink is if you put labels over the
print and then try to remove the label to verify a number error, or
something like that, the ink will actually come off with the label.  If
you can read upside down you can still verify the number.  I did run
this ink thru a battery of chemicals including straight formic acid for
5 minutes and the ink did not leave the slide.  I would caution in
buying a Sakura slide write as it has a very unfriendly Access based
program and the writer does not work with charged slides.  This has been
verified by me and an independent engineer sent to look at this issue.
I do use a TBS cassette writer and love that so if I can get my sakura
sent back I will be looking at TBS's slide writer too.
Good luck

Roger Charles
Pennsylvania Veterinary Laboratory
2305 N Cameron St
Harrisburg, PA 17110

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Hi everyone,
  I was wondering what everyone's experience was with the TBS slide
printer (Shurmark-plus), the one that prints with ink?  I would
appreciate input, good or bad.
  We currently have an etcher, and we hate it, so we are looking to
trade it in for something that uses ink.  I have used the Leica printer
in the past and have had reasonably good luck with it, but I was
wondering about the printer from TBS, I don't know anyone that has one.

Kim Merriam, MA, HT(ASCP)
Cambridge, MA
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