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You cannot precut controls of liver for most special and IHC stains for
more than a week at a time without affecting the stain quality.  I
learned this the hard way!


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Subject: [Histonet] PAS w/wout Diastase liver controls

Hey all,
Just wondering if I could pick your brains about the inconsistency of
the PAS with and without Diastase method on liver controls.  We cut
several unstained slides on our liver patient panels, and if they happen
to have a positive reaction, we will keep the unstained slides to use as
future controls.  We also have a liver control that was once very good
for this method.   We have noticed that, after time, the PAS reaction
weakens on the PAS w/out D on both controls. Our results are not
consistent regardless if you use saliva or Diastase of Malt & buffer.
Sometimes the patient's stain is better than the control that was
beautiful weeks before.  Can this be attributed to the continual
breakdown of glycogen in the liver even after processing?  Does anyone
have solid research to indicate tissue/substance degeneration long after
processing?  Any information would help.  Thank you!
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