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Amos, do you or the researcher know that basic fuchsin or its constituent dyes (rosanilin, pararosaniline) will not fluoresce with the incident excitation wavelength that will be used for the fluorescent tag? Aside from the issues you raised this could make for interpretation difficulties

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     There is a researcher here that is interested in doing a PAS and an
immunofluorescent label on the same slide. She is using formalin fixed
paraffin embedded tissue and the antibody requires heat induced epitope
retrieval. So obviously the PAS will need to come first as the reagents
involved would innevitably destroy the fluorescent label. The question is:
will the retrieval affect the PAS reaction? My initial guess was that the
PAS is a fairly strong bond (spill schiffs on your hand ... see what I
mean!) so it should survive, but that is just a guess. Has anyone tried it?

Amos Brooks
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